Highpoint eLearning Delivered in Partnership with Unit4 Training Services

Unit4 Business World eLearning

Highpoint’s eLearning for Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) is effective because we keep it simple. We take the things that your process experts know (how your organisation runs) and apply what we know (how to use Agresso effectively, and how to create simple training materials). Our materials take the form of simulations, videos and supporting documents. eLearning is a great alternative to classroom training where users can train at their own pace and at times that suits them and their organisation. New employees can use the training when they join. eLearning also makes a great reminder for occasional tasks. Highpoint bespoke eLearning can be hosted through a Learning Management System (LMS) to enable control of which employees can access certain courses and keep a record of progress for individual employees as well as across an organisation.
If you are looking to train your project team, rather than end users, take a look at our Build Training courses.

Document Examples

Below are some examples of our Unit4 Business World eLearning and supporting documents.
This first example shows our easy-to-follow style. Like all of our eLearning it explains the task and how it relates to an employee’s activity or goal, then simulates a real Agresso system. This gives users a safe way to get familiar with the system without being afraid of getting it wrong.

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We also offer video tutorials demonstrating how to use the system.

Alongside these styles of eLearning, we provide training manuals and quick reference cards for commonly used functions. These are particularly popular during and just after go-live giving only and exactly what your staff need to know to complete key tasks.

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