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The Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) Knowledge Hub!

The Knowledge Hub is your online Unit4 Business World companion. Whether you are building the system, testing the system or using the system. The knowledge hub is jam-packed with learning resources to help you with the system. The release of Business World On! Unit4’s message is to “Cloud your way in your own time”. Unit4 believe that in the future every company will be on the cloud. Unit4 will assist companies to move at their own pace. With this in mind, cloud applications will not need such major investments. Upgrades will happen like an update to a browser. So, therefore, training and consultancy should be as such. That’s where the knowledge hub fits in perfectly. Information instantly accessible when you need it. We listened to our community and have developed the Hub to be accessed on demand and cost effective. This product is the only one like it for the system in the world. Thousands of users are taking advantage of the resources making their work life easier.

Benefits of the Unit4 Business World Knowledge Hub

Cost effective

Convenience – access anytime and where ever you need it

Lets you understand how YOUR system works

Up-to-date - New Content will be added continually

Easy navigation and search tool

Knowledge to help through any stage of your Unit4 Business World journey

Community – the knowledge hub forum will be an area where you can ask others in the community their experiences/advice on a system question

Access for global users

Customer Feedback

The search is great, helps you find what you are looking for effortlessly in the knowledge hub

It’s great for end users who just use it once a month to log requisitions and need reminding of how to navigate the system, no fuss, no hassle, just search and find out how to do it in no time

We are incredibly excited about this knowledge hub and are looking forward to seeing it develop into a useful tool for us.

The Knowledge Hub is clearly laid out, easy to navigate with fantastically well presented materials. This is in line with what I have come to expect from Highpoint, I’m sure the live version will be outstanding.

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