New Spring 2017 (Milestone 7) Course Manuals are available

We are pleased to release our Business World On! Spring 2017 edition (otherwise known as Milestone 7) Course Manuals for purchase as a printed course for you to follow.

Find them all here.

Courses available include:

  • Introduction to Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone7)

  • How to Build a New Client (Including General Ledger) in Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone 7)

  • How to Build a Core Accounts Payable Ledger with Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone 7)

  • How to Build a Core Purchasing Solution in Unit4 Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone 7)

  • How to Build a Core Accounts Receivable Ledger in Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone 7)

  • How to Build a Core Sales Order Solution with Business World On! Spring 2017 (Milestone 7)

Payroll Year End training is also available as a course to book, or as a course manual to buy

New courses will be added shortly.

If you have any other training needs or enquiries, please contact us on or call 01249 599001.

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Payroll Year End Training

Highpoint are pleased to announce the schedule for the Business World On! Payroll Year End training for the current year.

Take a look at our Course Flyer
Get More Details! and book a place

If you’re unable to attend a course but would like the materials, these can be purchased from the shop on our website



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A New Home for Highpoint

Highpoint's office at 35 Market Street Chippenham

We are pleased to announce that Highpoint will be moving to a new office in Chippenham,
as of 2 January 2018.

Please note that our new contact details are

01249 599001
35 Market Place
SN15 3HT
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Highpoint Introduces Unit4 Business World iBlast Videos

What Are Unit4 Business World iBlast Videos?

Unit4 Business World iBlast

The people of the world now demand instant answers to everything. From things like how to change a car light bulb, building a homemade BBQ through to learning how to use photoshop.

Answers, help and tutorials are everywhere for everything online, yet answers for Business world are few and far between…and this is how the iBlast concept was born.

iBlast is straight to the point videos allowing users easily accessible tips for how to use Business World and how to get the most out of your system.

We cover all things from Information Pages, Forms, Decoding Parameters and Flexi-Fields and will continue to produce new content on a weekly basis.

In an industry where information is hard to obtain and often comes at a cost, the iBlast concept is there to give vital snippets of information across a varied range of topics through our Youtube channel as well as the Knowledge Hub free of charge.

This might sound like a crazy idea (giving stuff away for free!!) but it is time to open the industry of Business world to on demand and that is exactly what Highpoint has done.

We are giving users tutorials and answers to commonly asks questions, all available in a matter of minutes.

iBlast is different because

One they are free,

Two they are accessible for everyone and

Three they are short enough that you can get what you need without having to look through a 200-page manual or a 15-minute eLearning simulation it is right there.

This might sound like a common thing in most areas of life but in the Business world industry, it is not.

A lot of knowledge is kept under lock and key and we are opening up key pieces of information that are going to enhance the user’s ability to use and grow their own systems.

Did we mention it is free and available on the Knowledge Hub and YouTube and who doesn’t love free stuff!

The iBlast videos are aimed at all Business World users.

The videos will vary from high-end tutorials to end-user aspects of the system but we are looking to cover all frequently asked questions that we get on site while training or consulting.

There will be something for everyone, and we really want your input as well.

What do you want to know?

What do your users want to know?

We want to know and get your input into what iBlast videos are created.

An online community to tips, hints and tutorials.

Get in touch with any ideas and in the meantime enjoy all our free iBlast videos released weekly on Youtube and the Knowledge Hub. You can find the first one here.


Enjoy 😊

Editors note: This blog post was written by Highpoint’s Training Consultant Tom Fruci, the star of Highpoint’s Unit4 Business World iBlast vidoes

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Sandwell College Case Study: Unit4 Business World Implementation

Sandwell College was transferring their accounts system from QL to Unit4 Business World. The implementation of Unit4 Business World Financials was based on the Highpoint FE Your Way Value Accelerator.

Please find below the Case Study of this very successful implementation project.

Unit4 Business World Case Study




Sandwell College Unit4 Business World Case Study



If you need help with your Unit4 Business World Implementation please contact us to discuss your needs:

Tel: 01225 326409


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Cancer Research UK Case Study

Highpoint supplied Training on the reimplementation project at Cancer Research UK. Upskilling of staff based on their roles.

Cancer Research UK is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the world, funding almost half of all cancer research in the UK.

Cancer Research UK reimplemented their finance system moving from a number of different systems to Unit4 Business World Milestone 5. Cancer Research UK needed end-user training for the reimplementation. To train end-users on such a large scale and over many different sites, it was decided the best form of training would be to publish eLearning materials and provide Quick Cards to support the reimplementation process across all work streams.

Below is the case study of the project.

Cancer Research Unit4 Business World

Cancer Research UK


Highpoint offers a wide range of training services, please contact one of training team to discuss your needs:

Tel: 01225 326409


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U4Connect17 as Told in Tweets

Unit4 Connect Conference 2017 Manchester

Last week Highpoint attended the Unit4 Connect Conference in Manchester (U4Connect17).

Here is the conference as told in tweets through the conference days.

Highpoint started the event off, with our meet-up the night before the conference at the Brewdog in Manchester. Thank you to everyone that attended. It was great to hang out and have a beer before the conference.

Unit4’s CEO Stephan Sieber kicked off the Conference with the ‘Future at Work’

Thomas Staven introduces us again to the wonderful Wonda and shows Unit4 really are at the forefront of AI and the workplace.

Jeremy Roche takes to the stage to fill us in on the all-important Unit4 Business World On! updates.

One of the Highpointers highlights from the morning talks.

Great to see some of the conference attendees getting involved in the Highpoint Conference Twitter challenges.

Keynote speaker Baroness Susan Greenfield host a super talk exercising the audience’s brains.

The exhibitors had brilliant entertainment for the conference attendees.

The afternoon sessions were just as jam-packed with useful updates.

Unit4 outdid themselves with this year’s Gala Dinner, set in the most stunning venue Monastery of St Francis & Gorton Trust.

Day 2 and coffee provided to the attendees! The Unit4 Customer Award Winners are announced.

Yay Rufus is back at U4Connect!

An amazing amount raised for the Princes Trust.

Claus Jepsen explains what makes Business World On! so special.

One of Highpoint Team members favourite morning sessions.

That’s a wrap for Unit4 Connect 2017!

A big thank you to Unit4 for hosting another amazing conference, jam-packed with product updates, inspiration and conference fun! We are looking forward to 2018 already!

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Highpoint Unit4 Connect Conference Twitter Challenge

Unit4 Connect 2017 Manchester


unit4 connect conference

Highpoint is excited to be sponsoring and attending this year Unit4 Connect Conference in Manchester next week.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Future at Work” which is set to be super interesting.

This year the agenda is set into three categories:

  • Education Sector
  • Commercial Sector
  • Public Sector & Not for Profit

This is brilliantly clear for the attendees from the different sectors to see what is specifically aimed at them.

The schedule is jam-packed and Highpoint are particularly looking forward to “Wanda and the Future at Work” keynote and the all-important “Unit4 Business World On! – Product Update”.

Highpoint Unit4 Connect Conference Challenge


This year Highpoint HQ is sending five of our awesome team to the Unit4 Connect Conference. There is a twist, Highpoint is splitting the team into two for a set of conference challenges.  Throughout the day the Highpoint HQ will send a challenge via Twitter, which the teams will have to complete.

Meet the Teams

Highpointers One

Ben Houghton

Fiona Powell

Stu Withers

Highpointers Two

Eleonore Tiley

Graeme Wright

To follow the fun – follow our Twitter account and the official conference #U4Connect17

Highpoint Meet-Up the Night Before U4Connect17


Join Highpoint for a beer on Tuesday 10th October between 6pm – 9pm at the Brewdog in Manchester. A chance to meet fellow attendees and mingle before the event. Even better Highpoint will get your first beer 🙂

Unit4 Connect 2017






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Join Highpoint for a Beer in Manchester Night Before Unit4 Connect

Highpoint is excited to be sponsoring Unit4 Connect Conference again this year in Manchester.


Highpoint Meetup


Are you going to the Unit4 Connect Conference in Manchester? Got a free night on Tuesday 10th October?


Highpoint is super excited to be heading to Manchester in a few weeks to attend the Unit4 Connect Conference. The theme of the conference this year is “Future at Work”. With 50% of tasks which have the potential to be automated, what does the future look like for humans and machines working together? The topic is set to be fascinating and as ever there will be update announcements, hot tips and lots of fun.  The Highpoint team are arriving on Tuesday 10th October the night before the conference. We thought it would be great to have a place to meet up the night before the conference, for anyone at a loose end that night or if you are from out of town. So if you are in Manchester that night then please join us for our meet-up the night before the conference. It will take place on Tuesday 10th October from 6pm at the super cool Brew Dog Bar. Highpoint has reserved the mezzanine area upstairs especially for the meet-up. The Brew Dog is conveniently in the centre. Have your first drink on us 🙂 when you arrive we will give you a token to go to the bar so you can have a beer on us (wine or soft drink)!  Come hang out with some of Highpoint’s team and fellow attendees. It’s a great chance to network before the conference. If you would like to join us, just let us know via e-mail –

Unit4 Connect 2017

If you haven’t registered for the Unit4 Connect conference already then head to the event site!

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

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Autumn Dates For Unit4 Excelerator Courses

Unit4 Excelerator Courses

Do You Need to Skill Up in Unit4 Excelerator?

Highpoint and Unit4 have scheduled the Excelerator courses for Autumn. Dates and location are as follows:

19th September 2017

17th October 2017

14th November 2017

The courses are located at the Unit4 offices in Bristol. Unit4 Business Software Ltd, Eden House, 82 Macrae Rd, Pill, Bristol BS20 0DD

The course outlines how to extract data from Unit4 Business World. It takes you through how to produce printed reports. It shows a simple way to take data from Business World balance tables or enquiry results windows. The course will show you how to report the results in Microsoft Excel’s columns and rows. The course is for super users, advanced users, end users, and enquiry users.

The Spring/Summer Courses had amazing feedback:

“Highpoint were flexible with course delivery and content. I would highly recommend them , they went the extra mile.” Rupert GulleyDeputy Systems Accountant , The Salvation Army THQ 


The course contains the following training sessions:

Session 1 – An Introduction to Excelerator
Understand the purpose of Excelerator, and how you access Excelerator from within Excel. Understand the key worksheets which are used.
* An overview of Excelerator.
* An overview of how Excelerator uses balance tables.
* The Excelerator menu in Excel.
* Looking at workbook structures.
Session 2 – Producing Basic Reports
Understand the principles and keywords used for producing a basic Excelerator report and the method by which you produce a simple report.
* Looking at a report sheet control column.
* Looking at basic keywords.
* Producing and refining a basic report.
* Looking at the use of Relations and Trees in Excelerator.
Session 3 – Formatting Reports
Understand the ways in which you can format data in Excelerator reports.
* Formatting a report.
* Looking at formatting keywords.
* Looking at Source formatting keywords (SORT).
* Looking at Column formatting keywords (UNIT, ROUND, and COLUMNSIGN).
* Looking at Active formatting keywords (SIGN).
Session 4 – Selecting Data for Reports
Understand the methods, parameters, and keywords that you can use for specifying the data that you want to display in an Excelerator report.
* Looking at Excelerator data selection parameters.
* Entering data selection parameters.
* Using the CODE keyword.
* Using the SUMMARY keyword.
* Using the CROSSTAB and GROUP keyword.
Session 5 – Creating Excelerator Reports from Browsers
Be able to write reports from within Business World using Excelerator based on the results of a browser enquiry.
* Setting up an Excelerator template report.
* Running an Excelerator template report.
Session 6 – Writing Excelerator Reports Offline
Be able to create local data sets to practice writing Excelerator reports offline and then how to reconnect to the Business World database to retrieve the latest report results.
* Creating a local reporting data set (cache)
* Setting up an Excelerator report to run offline.

The courses are only £350 (+VAT) per delegate we accept invoices or credit card payments.

To book please contact our training team. Tel: 01225 326409 or e-mail:


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