Excelerator Basic Courses Delivered in Partnership with Unit4 Training Services

Unit4 Business World Excelerator Basic Course

This is a training course that outlines how to extract data from Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) and then produce printed reports. It shows a simple way to take data from Unit4 Business World balance tables or enquiry results windows, and then report the results in Microsoft Excel’s columns and rows. The course is designed for super users, advanced users, end users, and enquiry users.

The Excelerator Basic course contains the following training sessions:

Session 1 – An Introduction to Excelerator
Understand the purpose of Excelerator, and how you access Excelerator from within Excel. Understand the key worksheets which are used.
* An overview of Excelerator.
* An overview of how Excelerator uses balance tables.
* The Excelerator menu in Excel.
* Looking at workbook structures.
Session 2 – Producing Basic Reports
Understand the principles and keywords used for producing a basic Excelerator report, and the method by which you produce a simple report.
* Looking at a report sheet control column.
* Looking at basic keywords.
* Producing and refining a basic report.
* Looking at the use of Relations and Trees in Excelerator.
Session 3 – Formatting Reports
Understand the ways in which you can format data in Excelerator reports.……………………………………………….
* Formatting a report.
* Looking at formatting keywords.
* Looking at Source formatting keywords (SORT).
* Looking at Column formatting keywords (UNIT, ROUND, and COLUMNSIGN).
* Looking at Active formatting keywords (SIGN).
Session 4 – Selecting Data for Reports
Understand the methods, parameters, and keywords that you can use for specifying the data that you want to display in an Excelerator report.
* Looking at Excelerator data selection parameters.
* Entering data selection parameters.
* Using the CODE keyword.
* Using the SUMMARY keyword.
* Using the CROSSTAB and GROUP keyword.
Session 5 – Creating Excelerator Reports from Browsers
Be able to write reports from within Business World using Excelerator based on the results of a browser enquiry.
* Setting up an Excelerator template report.
* Running an Excelerator template report.
Session 6 – Writing Excelerator Reports Offline
Be able to create local data sets to practice writing Excelerator reports offline and then how to reconnect to the Business World database to retrieve the latest report results.
* Creating a local reporting data set (cache)
* Setting up an Excelerator report to run offline.

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