End User Training Delivered in Partnership with Unit4 Training Services

End User Training

Delivered in Partnership with Unit4 Training Services
Highpoint are experts in Unit4 Business World (previously Agresso) end user training. We are constantly adapting and developing our training methods to provide our customers with the best service. The objective of end user training through at implementation or upgrade is to get the end user skilled up to a level required to do their job more productively than before with the new software. Training gets this done quickly, but also allows the end users to ask any questions and concerns they may have about the new software. Therefore the team is more motivated and productive. Our outstanding training abilities have also been recognised by Unit4 as we are the only Strategic Training Partners for the UK and Ireland.

Bespoke Classroom Training (On customer site)

Classroom sessions provide hands-on learning. End users will be trained using Highpoint’s training version of Unit4 Business World, giving practice to real life scenarios. The benefit of having a trainer onsite means that the end-users can raise questions and concerns. .. ..

Train the Trainer

Highpoint can train a staff member or members to train other end users in the software. It means that the organisation doesn’t need to rely on outside help to train their team. It is useful for when new starters join. ..

eLearning is a great option for end user training if you cannot get a particular time to get end users together. Our eLearning is very clear with step-by-step guides and clear simulations. The end users can do eLearning at a time that suits them. eLearning is vital for new starters, or to remind end users of processes. The eLearning can be customised to your companies look and feel.

The Knowledge Hub has eLearning, videos, and articles all for end users. It can be accessed anytime anywhere and is continually updated with new content. If you need end user training immediately, the Knowledge Hub is the best option.

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